Use the Left Hand Hook, MMA Fighter from England Make His opponent Sprawl

British Mix Martial Arts fighter Tony Johnson manages to make his opponent, Joe Schilling, collapsed thanks to using his deadly hook hook. In the Bellator 229 fight at The Forum in Inglewood, California, Joe had to swallow a bitter pill after losing through the decision of Knock Out (KO) in the third round.

Citing from the RT Sports page , both of them have had a fierce battle in which Tony’s face was even covered in blood on his nose due to the attack launched by his rival. But the situation changed as he entered the third round, Joe who was seen starting to attack his opponent, but unexpectedly Tony also used the hook through his left hand towards his face.

Then Joe immediately fell down, and Tony immediately gave another blow to his face before being separated by the referee, so that his enemy did not get further injury.

The victory made Tony Johnson recorded nine wins, and two defeats. While Joe Schilling failed to improve his record with four wins and six losses.

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