Viral! Chinese MMA Fighters Defeat ‘Bruce Lee’ in Only 12 Seconds

A shocking moment came from the world of Mixed Martial Arts , after a fighter from China, Xuan Wu managed to defeat ‘Bruce Lee’ in just 12 seconds. In the battle that took place at a shopping center in Yinchuan, China, it was seen that Wu would face a man named Tan Long who wore a costume resembling Bruce Lee .

After both of them introduced themselves in front of the audience, they immediately confronted each other and provided the stance technique as a gesture to attack. Long, who looked very confident, had a chance to attack first with a jump kick at Wu, as reported by the SCMP website.

Suddenly, Long looked like he was frightened and finally hit his knee on his chin. He immediately fell and did not move to make the referee finally stop the fight. Action that was recorded in a video that immediately became viral, where Long get a lot of blasphemy from netizens because from the start acting arrogant but in fact losing faster to Wu.

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