10 Victory in the German GP, ​​Marquez has no opponents!

Marc Marquez finishes the race at Sachsenring this weekend, Sunday (7/7) with a perfect victory. Recorded 10 wins since the first time down at the Grand Prix, The Baby Alien holds the title “King of Sachsenring”.

Since the free training session, Marquez has appeared in the top position, knowing that this Repsol Honda racer is well aware of the Sachsenring layout. Not much trouble was encountered, even during the qualifying session Marquez took pole position.

Marquez is untouched here, rivals can’t do much. After starting Marquez could immediately shot in the leading position, although Maverick Vinales and Fabio Quartararo had alternately pressed. Both are competing to collapse Marquez’s dominance. Unfortunately a thousand dear, the super rookie Quartararo failed to finish after falling.

Cal Crutchlow Ketiban Durian Collapsed

Post-absence in the previous series Crutchlow managed to feel the beauty of the podium. After the start of the Honda LCR racer, the group tackled tightly together with the Rins and Top Guns . Still not in a 100% fit condition, Crutchlow continues to try to stick tight and compete in the podium position.

Alex Rins, who survived in second place, had to fall, even though his position consistently followed Marquez. The fall of Rins at Sachsenring, made this Suzuki mainstay racer already feel failed to finish twice in the first half. This makes Cal Crutchlow rise to third position, while Vinales is landed but certainly consistent in second place.

Maverick Vinales Starts Consistent

Maverick Vinales in the German MotoGP really put out his best abilities, this Yamaha manufacturer racer like crazy . After starting the position Vinales immediately step on the gas tight Marc Marquez.

The appearance of the drivers who managed to win in MotoGP Assen was really relaxed, not too rash. Have a good racing rhythm throughout the race, so the key to Vinales on the second podium. Though Cal Crutchlow tried to seize his position.

Vinales who has the capital of confidence after the victory at Assen was able to consistently maintain his position. Being in second place to finish is not something easy, especially some rivals continue to hunt for this position.

Vinales’ achievement at Sachsenring was quite positive, in the previous edition the racer numbered # 12 finished third on the podium. Of course it’s interesting to wait for Vinales to appear in the second half of the season, as usual Yamaha always has something new and certainly achieves better results.

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