Alex Marquez Survived at Marc VDS, Petronas SRT Step aside

Alex Marquez finally agreed to stay at Marc VDS, had been tempted by Petronas SRT who got off on Moto2, the younger brother of Marc Marquez decided to stay with the Belgium-based team next season.

Alex Marquez is currently comfortably at the top of the Moto2 standings this season, and thanks to being runner up in Austria last. The opportunity to win the world title this season is wide open.

“I must admit, I’m happy to announce that I will stay with Estrella Galicia 0.0 Marc VDS in Moto2. I thank you for the trust that the team has given me, “Alex Marquez said quoted from the motorsport page .

With the new technical structure, I think this could be the key to success, I will further develop next year as a racer, prepare myself and realize the dream of being able to race in MotoGP, “he said.

Marc VDS Welcomes the Decision of Alex Marquez

The 23-year-old racer was tempted to join Petronas SRT Moto2 this season, obviously the opportunity for promotion to MotoGP is greater, because if his younger brother Marc Marquez can show the slick performance of the Yamaha satellite team is ready to accommodate it.

Marc VDS welcomes the decision of Alex Marquez who decided to stay, that means it will be the sixth season of the racer’s progress in Moto2 with this Belgium-based team.

“I’m glad the man survived at least one more season. The right choice chose not to rush up to MotoGP class, we want the best for him. However, I don’t like it if he leaves with other teams in Moto2, “said Marc van der Straten as Marc VDS Boss.

“If he wins the title this season, he has no more motivation if he later moves to a rival team. Fortunately, he survived in a place that was like his own house training and developing in Moto2, happy to see him get to this point, “he added.

Even so the interest of the MotoGP satellite team was so great towards the talent of Alex Marquez, one thing for sure is Avintia Ducati who openly confirmed his interest in making this native Spanish man become a regular racer.

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