Andrea Dovizioso Wins Sensational, Completely Revenge

Andrea Dovizioso won the sensational victory at the Austrian MotoGP on Sunday (11/8). Duel with Marc Maruez until the last corner finally successfully completed the mainstay of Ducati on this one.

The retrial duel happened at the Red Bull Ring, the feud between Andrea Dovizioso and Marc Marquez was endless. Almost the same as the Austrian Austrian MotoGP race, the difference is Marquez who managed to beat Dovi at the last corner.

Dovi since the first lap indeed salute each other with the top of The Baby Alien standings , until in the end exciting battles took place on three laps ahead of the finish.

Dovi who saw that the endurance of Marquez’s rear tires began to decline, making it look more calm until finally the gap opened when Marquez widened at the last corner.

“I really did not expect at that corner, if you look closely it really does not suit my racing style. But finally I made it to the last corner. I appear aggressive, but Marc is far more aggressive, “Dovizioso said after the Austrian MotoGP race was quoted from the autosport page .

“The position when Marc overtook, he opened the gap, and the endurance of his rear tire has diminished, and in the end I have the opportunity and managed to overtake it at the last corner. The problem of braking him is much better, but I continue to consistently stick to him from behind and go crazy at the last corner, “he continued.

Dovizioso hesitated to copy Marc Marquez at the last corner

Andrea Dovizioso was not sure whether to overtake Marquez at the last corner, because there was a risk. One of the podiums that had been in front of the eyes failed to be achieved, due to falling due to touching or it could also crash .

“Actually I am really not ready, but I managed to do well around the corner, at first I thought if I could not do it, but it could not hurt to try, because the opportunity did not come twice,” said Dovi.

“I can finally do it the right way. I am very happy to offer this to Ducati, obviously we need this victory, this victory we achieved in a truly extraordinary way, “he added.

The fear was lost when Dovi convinced himself to win. After failing in several races, Dovi finally achieved success in Austrian MotoGP, so an additional collection of wins in MotoGP 2019.

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