Dani Pedrosa The ‘Big’ Racer Who Fared ‘Tiny’

Dani Pedrosa is a MotoGP legend racer, although he is small he is a ‘big’ racer. Although physically his body size is quite extreme for MotoGP riders. 158 cm tall is not only small, but also has a light weight. Compared to Nicky Hayden he is a disadvantaged racer. Even according to Chicho Lorenzo, Jorge’s father, Pedrosa had a bit of bad luck in his MotoGP career, which is why he did not win the world title. Like Dani Pedrosa, a ‘big racer’ with a small fate …

During 13 years in the MotoGP class, Dani Pedrosa has taken 236 races and won 31 times without a world title. Compare with world champions from the USA. During 14 years in the MotoGP class, Nikcy Hayden raced 218 times and won 3 times but he could be world champion .. Does fate play a role there? Only God knows…

Jorge Lorenzo’s father praised Dani Pedrosa, who was able to win 31 GPs in the MotoGP class even though there has never been a racer with his physical dimensions at this time … tiny.

In his YouTube channel Chicho Lorenzo, talking about Dani Pedrosa and his secret why he won 31 races in MotoGP.

Since Dani Pedrosa began his career in MotoGP, his height and weight have always been a matter of debate and questions. According to Chico, “Pedrosa’s problem is a very extreme case. Pedrosa has a height of 158 and when he races in the 250cc class he weighs 48 kilograms.

He is not only small, but also has a light weight. There are no other racers like him in the MotoGP category. However, that did not stop him from getting his 31 MotoGP wins.


Chicho Lorenzo stressed that the secret of Dani Pedrosa to win in MotoGP is to become a very technical racer. “From the start, all the little drivers who were fast were because they had a lot of techniques. This technique was developed during his sports career. A whole generation of Pedrosa, Marquez, Lorenzo …

“The little racer is always behind the others in terms of physical strength. And to be able to compete with them, what they have to do is develop a lot of techniques. “

Lorenzo’s father also confirmed that Pedrosa had a little “bad luck” in his MotoGP career, which is why he did not win the MotoGP world title.

“I don’t think Pedrosa’s problem is his size. Dani Pedrosa’s problem is that he is not given the right circumstances to win the world championship. There are other racers who won fewer races and became world champions, this case happened with Hayden … Pedrosa continued to win 31 races during his sports career but never managed to become world champion, “concluded Chico …

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