Dovi sarcastically Ducati, Slow Motorbike Development

Dovi gave a subtle satire to Ducati about the development of the Desmosedici GP motorbike which was fairly slow compared to its rivals in the 2019 MotoGP event. Even though this season the majority of manufacturers appeared competitive.

Dovi, who this season is on the Ducati target to become world champion, perched in second place while trailing 58 points behind Marc Marquez who is top of the standings. Dovi’s appearance in this season is somewhat inconsistent, despite successfully winning the opening race in the Qatar MotoGP.

The driver number # 04 hasn’t felt the beauty of the podium since the last Italian MotoGP. While Marquez has won four of the last six races. Marquez claims Dovi this season has a competitive package, Suzuki and Yamaha have also been developing so far in a competitive direction.

“At present our motorbike has not developed, while the competition has grown more than Ducati. Honda with Marquez is perfect, on one side of the Suzuki motorbike with its drivers also developing; Yamaha is far more competitive than it was two years ago. With the ability of all racers in the championship to be more competitive, “said Dovizioso during an interview session with motorsport .

“Our situation is currently difficult, even fighting with Marc Marquez is not competitive. “Clearly Marquez’s goal is to win in each race but some drivers also have more top speed than us,” he added.

Ducati still has weakness at the corner

Ducati obstacles in the last few seasons are around the corner, this Italian manufacturer always loses to his rivals. While the matter of top speed and power, the Desmosedici GP does not need to be doubted.

“It’s technically easier to increase power, because if it’s combined with a bend it needs to consider many things, so far we don’t have the perfect recipe. If we want to improve the matter of power, it’s a different matter, it’s easier, “said Dovi.

Furthermore Dovizioso talked about the performance of Marc Marquez who had felt the world championship in the last three seasons, according to him this season was far better and was one of the smart drivers in the starting grid.

“Marc arguably one of the strong drivers, he never stopped learning. He is consistent in appearance. He always managed to be where he should be. Marquez is one of the smart drivers whose performance is always increasing, rarely experiences ups and downs, “he continued.

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