Dovizioso or Lorenzo at Ducati? Lorenzo more ‘naughty’

The return of Jorge Lorenzo (age 33) to the Ducati MotoGP has returned to strength after his father Chicho Lorenzo gave his opinion. Following the complicated negotiations of Italian racer Andrea Dovizioso (age 34) to extend the negotiations. Is the driver’s salary based on the number of titles that have been achieved in the past? .. And if told to choose, is it good for Dovizioso or Lorenzo as a racer at Ducati? .. In terms of age and experience they might be equal, but Lorenzo is more ‘naughty’ than Dovizioso who is ‘polite’ .. And that is needed to be a champion ..

Good Dovizioso or Lorenzo at Ducati?

Chicho Lorenzo, father of former racer Jorge Lorenzo, expects his son to return as a regular racer at the Ducati MotoGP. His father also admitted that Lorenzo had to leave Honda as a loser.

Meanwhile, the contract negotiations between Ducati and Andrea Dovizioso experienced a deadlock. Rumors also surfaced about Jorge Lorenzo, who will consider returning to the red team. After his surging achievements up and down, he was still able to win three wins with the Desmosedici GP18 motorbike.

Jorge Chicho Lorenzo’s father is now convinced, and spoke on his social media that Ducati and his son will discuss: “Nothing is certain right now, but they are negotiating because I know they are negotiating. And where there’s smoke, there’s fire, “Chicho said meaningfully.

Jorge certainly had the motivation to get back on track, his father believed, “If he accepts the challenge and decides to finish it, I think he can come back because he is very stubborn.”

The 2019 season was indeed disappointing and the results were very bad for a world champion outside the top 10 … “He must leave Honda as a loser and if he can win another race, he can join after resting with a steady heart. I believe that many things might happen, “concluded Chicho Lorenzo …

When compared to Dovizioso? Mentally recognized Lorenzo’s ‘ ngeyel ‘ nature is greater than Dovizioso. Dovi is a ‘ polite ‘ racer , it seems he is difficult to clash and play hard, that is Dovi’s weakness even though in Dovi’s experience is more qualified than Lorenzo at Ducati .. To become a champion racer needs a little ‘ naughty ‘ ..

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