Failed Champion in the Czech MotoGP, Dovizioso Conscious

Andrea Dovizioso failed to win the Czech MotoGP last weekend, Sunday (4/08). The race which was postponed due to erratic weather, was finally won by Marc Marquez.

Marquez’s success won the first race in the second half of the season, making it even harder for Dovizioso to win the MotoGP world title this season. Because now Dovi 63 points behind the top of the standings despite finishing as runner up.

Dovi’s performance with the Desmosedici GP was actually not bad, starting the race from fourth and continuing to follow Marquez to the finish line.

Towards the middle of the race Dovi seemed to have difficulty competing with the speed of The Baby Alien . As a result, the Italian racer is 2.452 seconds adrift who managed to finish ahead.

“We must be happy about the results this weekend, since our FP1 is competitive after passing two bad race results. I am happy now that Ducati can close the gap with Marc Marquez who appears so fast, although I admit that there are still weaknesses that need to be fixed, but at least the gap with Marquez is now not so far away, “Dovi was quoted as saying on the page .

“I managed to make this bike bring out its best potential, even though this track is not friendly with Ducati. But he (Marquez) is a smart racer, had experienced problems with tires so I expected a lot of things even though in the end those hopes didn’t come true. I must accept this fact, even though I have given 100% of my ability, “he continued.

Andrea Dovizioso Praises the Performance of Marc Marquez and His Team

Czech MotoGP marks the start of the second half, eternal rival Dovizioso believes Marc Marquez performed brilliantly. Dovi did not hesitate to give praise to Marquez and his team, who have made many changes so far.

Obviously Ducati can not just stay silent, the reason the margin points with Marquez Dovi farther. Just like in the 2018 season, if there is no significant change in the Desmosedici GP it is not impossible that the title has already been won by Marquez although there are still a few more series.

“Marquez made progress, his motorcycle accelerated better and managed to occupy the leading position in almost every race. “The tire performance on the bike is better than mine, I have done what I should have done even though in the end I was not able to maintain the speed until the end of the race,” said Dovi after the race.

“Marc always managed to start the race from the front, so he was able to push since the first lap. Almost all of the motorcycles this season have improved, when you have something similar to it (Marquez) it is clearly easy to adapt on every weekend. “Ducati can’t race in the same way as last season,” he added.

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