Franco Morbidelli: Valentino Retires If Always Finish in the Top 10

MotoGP superstar Valentino Rossi doesn’t have much time left. He must immediately decide about his future. How does Franco Morbidelli think about Valentino? … According to him retiring or not, everything will depend on Rossi’s performance this year. But Franco Morbidelli estimates that Valentino will retire if he always finishes in the top 10 …

Morbidelli set his target this year: “My goal is to stay in the top 5. It depends on how I improve my performance. If I show progress, there is certainly a good opportunity, “he said confidently.

The Yamaha Satellite racer concentrated on himself. “I have to be able to improve myself in the race and with Yamaha’s top speed, because contract negotiations will be held very early this year.” And if Rossi really says goodbye after 2020, the manufacturer’s team will have an interesting place up for grabs.

Position 8 or 10 means retirement

Regarding the possibility of Rossi retiring he said: “Valentino loves racing, but he also often has difficulty being in the top spot in the front group. So he will not continue to race if he is in the eighth or tenth position, “said the SRT Petronas racer.

Valentino Rossi’s future will affect the composition of the MotoGP start grid in 2020. If he decides to retire, will Fabio Quartararo get the seat? Who will then replace Fabio in the Petronas team ?. And if Rossi continues the race, will the official Yamaha team want it, or prefer Fabio Quartararo or Maverick Vinales?

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