Honda RC213V 2020 Made Not for Jorge Lorenzo?

Troubled by complexity since anchored in the Honda gold-wing team, Jorge Lorenzo hopes that the RC213V will be more friendly next year. Is the Honda RC213V 2020 made for Jorge Lorenzo? Of course not, at least in 2019 we see the fact that only Marc was able to explore his potential (Puig style). Even Jorge wasn’t the only one who wept. The same thing also came out of the mouth of Cal Crutchlow, complaining about his motorbike. “This year’s Honda motorbike doesn’t suit my racing style,” he said, and ensured that the prototype motorbike was made around Marc Marquez’s racing style. Honda RC213V 2020 made not for Jorge Lorenzo?

Honda’s racing division, HRC for 2019 will focus its development on top speed motorcycles. “During the winter, we try to improve our weak points, namely acceleration and top speed,” said Santi Hernández, chief engineer of Marc Marquez. And the team’s goal has been reached. But on the one hand according to Lorenzo when discussing with the technical director, Takeo Yokoyama, said that by having more power, RC213V lost speed at the corner (cornering speed).

“I talked to Takeo. It’s clear that by getting stronger power, we have a corner problem, “explained Jorge Lorenzo. While trying a new motorbike at Jerez, Lorenzo saw that he was missing something round the corner. Then Lorenzo told the engineers, but it might be too late to find a solution, and Jorge had to race with the engine. Honda is now working to keep the power strong while solving problems around the corner for next year.

Honda RC213V 2020 Made Not for Jorge Lorenzo?

This year’s prototype matches Marc Marquez, and Honda assumes that Marquez is a priority in development because he wins. “As is well known, Marc has a special racing style, is very aggressive and strong on brakes, and the motor needs this to better suit Marc. Marc managed to overcome this great power without losing much time in the corner. Jorge Lorenzo added that the motorbike offers this sensation to all racers and must know how to drive like Marc to get the best from it.

Regarding team-mates with priorities from Honda, Jorge Lorenzo accepted that fact. But he hoped that Honda would also respond to his request. “It’s normal for Honda to follow the direction of development to the fastest racer. But Lorenzo believes Honda, as a large factory, has the potential to satisfy all drivers. Not in all areas, but in several sectors. So hopefully for next year it will be like that.

Jorge Lorenzo is also trying to find a solution to the problem of rear tire grip. When setting his motorcycle Lorenzo lost the grip of the front tire. “When I try to get closer to the settings used by Marc and Cal, I feel less confident with the front tire grip of the motorbike. That’s why I always sacrifice some grip on the back, to find stability in the front. “.. Lorenzo believes that by finding a balanced grip between the front and rear tires he can be more competitive.

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