Is it true that Valentino Rossi lost his MotoGP race in MotoGP?

MotoGP rider and living legend Valentino Rossi has not felt victory in one of the MotoGP series for two years. Recorded 40-year racer was the last time to win at the Dutch GP in 2017.

In fact, at the beginning of the 2019 MotoGP season, Rossi seemed to show signs of revival after he managed to become runner-up at the Argentina GP and the United States. Unfortunately, after that Rossi’s performance even declined.

Even in the last three races before the German GP a few days ago, namely the Italian GP, ​​Spain and the Netherlands, Rossi experienced a failed finish in a row. No wonder if many people judge Rossi has lost the motivation to race.

Is it true that the suspicion of those who call Rossi lose race motivation? To the media crew, Rossi claimed to still have the motivation to race on the track. He also stressed that he always concentrated fully on  the  race track .

“I still have motivation. I always look forward to every race and I also don’t lack concentration, “Rossi said as quoted by , Thursday, July 10, 2019.

The driver who has collected the MotoGP title said, he still chose motivation to be able to finish the entire race this season well. He also admitted that his age was no longer young as a driver.

“There is no denying that I am indeed old. Even I was old last season. Also five years ago. I’m also old when I almost won during a race in Texas in April, “he said.

After successfully finishing eighth in the German GP a few days ago, Valentino Rossi had to go down to sixth place by collecting a total of 80 points. Rossi is now five points adrift of his teammate, Maverick Vinales.

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