Lowes Farewell from Gresini, Will Become Alex Marquez’s Substitute?

Sam Lowes announced he would not continue with Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 next season, the Briton is certain to leave the team he defended after being depaked from MotoGP.

Lowes himself will not leave Moto2 racing. Twin brother of Alex Lowes will still survive in this championship for at least one more season. Because, Lowes will still see opportunities to get back down in the premier class.

“Obviously I will still survive at least until next season. Not with this team (Federal Oil Gresini), but I can’t say where it will be anchored, “Sam Lowes was quoted as saying on the page .

The news of the departure of Sam Lowes from Gresini answered the puzzle himself would be a replacement for Alex Marquez on the Marc VDS Moto2 team. Alex Marquez is reportedly being seduced by SRT’s Petronas, which starts next season going down two motorbikes at once.

Petronas SRT Moto2 will secure two racer slots next season, one of the drivers projected to bring the name of the Malaysian team to victory is Alex Marquez. Given, the performance of Khairul Idham Pawi is less convincing this season.

Join Petronas SRT, Alex Marquez Opportunity Increasing MotoGP Class Increasingly Greater

Alex Marquez this season is on the rise, topping the standings with the most wins. His position at Marc VDS is also safe until the 2020 season. Marquez has also announced he is not in a hurry to move up to MotoGP class.

Alex Marquez’s opportunity to advance to MotoGP will certainly be wide open if he agrees to join Petronas SRT. Because, if the convincing performance in 2020 is not impossible that the younger sibling of Marc Marquez will go to the Yamaha Satellite team, Petronas Yamaha SRT later.

“I will stay on Moto2, but I don’t know in the future what it will be like. We clearly want to finish this all to the end. I will talk to Emilio Alzamora (Manager) tomorrow (Monday) to discuss what will happen in the future, “

Marc VDS Moto2 boss Joan Olive himself said that his team had extended their tenure with the team for another season. But there is still no definitive answer from the racer.

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