Marco Melandri Decides Retirement, Finally Race at WorldSBK

The shocking news came from one of the best Italian racers currently on WorldSBK, Marco Melandri. The driver who collected five wins when he fell in MotoGP decided to retire at the end of the season.

Melandri announced his retirement from two-wheeled world racing at a press conference in Milan on Tuesday (9/7) local time. No longer young age is one reason, considering that this season bald-headed racers have turned 36 years. Moreover, Melandri who joined the Yamaha GRT squad this season is somewhat less competitive.

Unlike previous seasons, where Melandri was diligent on the podium. This season it was difficult to get on the podium, ninth in the standings with five series left at WorldSBK this season. The results in the last two series, Melandri is also fairly saggy.

“Deciding to retire is a difficult decision for me. I have thought about this some time ago, even before the Imola race (last May), I finally decided to retire at the end of the 2019 season, “Marco Melandri was quoted as saying on the page .

“At the moment I am still competitive and I think it is better to stop now while still enjoying the race, rather than decide to retire when I start having trouble printing maximum results in the race,” he added.

Melandri Has a Myriad of Achievements in MotoGP and WorldSBK

Marco Melandri is a veteran in the world of motor racing, racer numbered # 33 is already racing at MotoGP. The 2015 season was the last time to go down in MotoGP with Aprilia, after that it was vacuum and then in 2017 joined with Ducati to race at WorldSBK.

Melandri’s best achievement in MotoGP occurred during the 2005 season, at that time managed to become a tight-stick runner-up Valentino Rossi who won the title. Melandri has tasted several manufacturers in MotoGP, so you can say it’s full of experience.

“When I decided to retire, I felt there was a huge burden starting to lift from my shoulders and now everyone knows that this season was the last thing for me to go down, obviously my motivation increased to achieve better results in the last few races,” said Melandri.

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