New Chassis Ducati 2020 The answer to Desmo ‘Slow Mid-corner Speed’

The captain of the Ducati MotoGP team, Andrea Dovizioso believes in the pre-season test this time, with the new GP20 chassis they have made improvements in Ducati’s famous ‘Mid-corner Speed’. The speed in the middle of the corner is what has been complained by the red team … But Dovi said despite the increase, it was still not fast enough. Top Speed ​​on the straight track Ducati is the most terrible, but the disease is speed in the mid-corner .. The new chassis Ducati 2020 answers to the slow ‘Mid-corner Speed’ Desmo!

Facts show in the middle of a slow Ducati bend (Red: slow). The Italian has been demanding improvements to the chassis for several seasons and it seems that the manufacturer based in Bologna has produced something. According to Dovizioso, what his team did was the right step.

“This is a step forward because there are no negative points and this is good. But not that big. We have to understand as much as possible because sometimes the increase is very small but if you understand why you can have the margin to make a bigger step, “said Dovizioso.

Chassis 2020 Positive

Dovi added the most important thing was that they understood now. They have focused on increasing weakness in the middle of the corner (mid-corner). Although it is not easy, according to Dovizioso they have taken positive steps. “It will be very important to understand why we are taking another step. That is the point. It is very interesting what we do with this chassis. But we need something more certain. “

What can be concluded from the Jerez test is that Ducati has always focused on the frame or chassis sector which was the weak point of the red motor last year. “I think we should study, analyze more feedback from this chassis and make another step for the future. Happy about the increase, though not that big. “

What brought Ducati is a completely new chassis. Because Dovi said the difference in the new chassis was quite large: “Feelings are good but there are positive and negative things. The increase is still not as big as we would like but it is quite normal because the chassis difference is quite large. “

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