Paolo Ciabatti Denies Lorenzo’s Negotiation Rumors in the Ducati Team as Test Drivers, Yamaha?

Jorge Lorenzo might be destined to sign a contract as a test racer with Yamaha. For days, several media speculated about the MotoGP world champion’s conversation with Ducati, but a rebuttal came from Borgo Panigale, Italy. Albert Valera Lorenzo’s personal manager is reportedly still negotiating with Iwata to define the details of collaboration for 2020. Paolo Ciabatti denies rumors of Lorenzo’s negotiations on the Ducati Team as a test driver, Yamaha?

Paolo Ciabatti Denies Lorenzo’s Negotiation Rumors in the Ducati Team as Test Drivers, Yamaha?

Gigi Dall’Igna once called Lorenzo to become the Ducati satellite racer to replace Jack Miller in Pramac. This effort failed because it was not approved by Honda, while Miller square off jumped to the KTM if it was true Lorenzo took his seat .. But everything disappeared in a while .. Lorenzo remained at Honda at the time

No Negotiations with Lorenzo

Reported by, Paolo Ciabatti said, “It’s not true that Jorge is negotiating with us as a test driver.” Jorge Lorenzo only has a chance to return to his favorite M1.

To Yamaha?

Now we are just waiting for the official announcement. In the last few days Lorenzo has posted several photos of memorable moments in his career, many photos of him driving a Yamaha M1. Jorge might not be able to be on the Sepang track to take the first MotoGP test scheduled for early February. But Jorge Lorenzo is ready to contribute again in developing Yamaha which hasn’t won a world championship since his departure.

Everyone now hopes that Jorge Lorenzo will join as a test racer at Yamaha Motor Racing if he decides to continue his career.

But Yamaha had to invest some money in a short amount of time to bring in a European testing team, which had previously been deemed not urgent. And with Lorenzo expected to bring Yamaha to the level of Honda and Ducati.

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