Poor Performance This Season, Zarco Will Not Follow Up With KTM

Bad news blows after Johann Zarco, whose poor performance is certain to part with KTM before his contract expires. Drivers who were contracted two seasons after leaving the Yamaha sateli team, were contracted by the KTM manufacturer for two seasons.

His luck was less fortunate after not riding a Yamaha motorbike, this French racer hasn’t felt the beauty of the podium since joining KTM. Even seen the difficulty of adaptation with KTM RC16, the best race results are finishing in tenth position.

Yet when together with the Tech 3 Yamaha, Zarco really became a destroyer of the front row. Often start from pole position, and make the star racers difficult. Much different from what he achieved while at KTM, to this day the 29-year-old racer has never answered KTM’s expectations. Naturally, if his position is now in danger.

“Johann Zarco and Red Bull KTM agreed not to continue working on the two seasons, until 2020. The former Moto2 world champion finally decided to split up at the end of the 2019 season. While teammate Pol Espargaro qualified for Q2 on a regular basis and continued to compete in the top 10, a KTM statement was quoted as saying on the page .

“In the end Johann and the team decided not to be together with this project anymore, at least we agreed before 2020 they split. Now the focus of the drivers and the team is to provide the best in the remaining eight races that take place in 2019 MotoGP, “continued a statement from the KTM.

Mika Kallio Prepared KTM to Replace Johann Zarco’s Position

Zarco joined the KTM at the end of last season, after his position with Tech 3 continued. Johann Zarco chose to be in the manufacturer’s team, hoping to achieve better achievements than the previous season.

However, the results were unexpected because the racer numbered # 5 could not do much. In fact, to consistently finish in the top 10 positions is impossible.

KTM could have kicked Johann Zarco earlier, if ultimately unable to improve performance in the remaining races. The team also hopes that there will be a change in position by Zarco, if later it is the same then Mika Kallio will certainly replace Zarco until the end of the season.

 “If later Zarco decides to leave before the end of the season, it is certain that the test ride Mika Kallio will turn off his position until the end of the coming season,” KTM board member Hubert Trunkenpolz told .

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