Quartararo Declares Not to Challenge the MotoGP World Title

The big surprise in MotoGP 2019 is Fabio Quartararo. The French rider had several times successfully fought with Marc Marquez in his first season. Even considered as one of the drivers who will be taken into account in the next few years. But Quartararo said he was not a contender for the MotoGP World title

Quartararo Declares Not to Challenge the MotoGP World Title

 During the second half of the season he was among a handful of racers who were able to fight Marc Marquez, even though he hadn’t yet. However, Quartararo has grown into a racer to be reckoned with. In 2019, he tried to improve himself and always focused even on holidays. “I think for this reason we have become very good and very strong in many races,” said the French driver.

Stay humble

During the current season, he has shown many as one of the big stars in MotoGP. But Fabio Quartararo prefers not to be arrogant, and remains humble. “I don’t look like a star yet. It is true that this year we have surprised many people. And there will be more in my future. We have not yet reached our goal. This year we have achieved more than we thought. But when you are here, you want more … You always want more. “…

Being able to fight with Marquez according to Quartararo is a great thing. “Being second behind someone who is an eight-time world champion, I already consider it to be something great”.

Not a Championship Rival

Marc Marquez indicated he was his big rival in the coming season. But Quartararo felt that it was not pressure and did not attach much importance to it. “A great competitor is not the right name (for me), but being one of the rivals is clear,” said Quartararo. He added that if he had a good motorbike for next year, he might be able to fight. “Maybe I’m not a rival for the championship (world title), but only fight with him (Marc),” Yamaha SRT Petronas said.

To defeat Marquez, according to Quartararo clearly must work very hard. “This year I spent more time than people thought to concentrate on my racing career. Even when I’m at home. “

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