Rossi Calls for Final MotoGP Round to Be Held in Malaysia Not Valencia

Winter in Europe occurs at the end of November to February. Valentino Rossi questioned why the Valencia MotoGP was held in the winter? .. This was especially felt by drivers in the morning free training session (FP1), the drivers complained at the Valencia GP about the temperature being too cold. Rossi calls for the MotoGP finals to be held in Malaysia not Valencia.

Valentino Rossi called for the MotoGP final to be held in a country with a warmer climate. Recently there have been many criticisms about the Valencia GP. This shift is nearing the end of November due to the addition of the Buriram GP in October two weeks to mid-November. Although the Thai GP will be held in March next year, there will be no difference. The reason: Dorna wants to hold an Indonesian GP on the island of Lombok before the Sepang GP in October 2021.

“For me, coming to Valencia in mid-November for the Grand Prix is ​​not a good idea. But the MotoGP organizers are from Spain and are very interested in completing the finals in Spain. I think that’s the reason. “If it’s not true, it would be better not to hold a final in Europe, but somewhere hotter,” said Valentino Rossi.

Changing Climate Conditions

In a few years the temperature isn’t too bad. But there have been seasonal changes in the last two years. In 2015, 2016 and 2017 the temperature in Valencia is not too bad. But in the last two years MotoGP coincided with winter. Last year it rained from Thursday to Sunday, this year was dry, but at night it reached five degrees.

Rossi understands that it is important for Dorna to finish the race in Spain. But in Europe it is in winter conditions. Maybe it would be better if the Valencia series before three races outside Europe and maybe the closing series was held in Sepang where the temperature was around 40 degrees. But all is Dorna’s decision ..

Logistical advantage

Valencia in 1999 took place on September 19. Held between Imola and Phillip Island. Then to South Africa, Brazil and Argentina. In 2000 and 2001 Valencia also won the September race, then in 2002 Valencia closed the calendar in November.

Maybe besides the reasons stated above technically Valencia held in November has several logistical advantages: Cargo boxes that were flown from Spain abroad, never returned there. Trucks from non-Spanish teams are temporarily parked in Barcelona or Valencia and do not have to be brought back to their countries.

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