Rossi: Young Racer now ‘reckless’ but make the race interesting!

Valentino Rossi (40 years) is the oldest racer on the MotoGP grid at the moment. Most of the opponents are racers who are much younger than him (even half his age as Quartararo (20 years). Even next year on the KTM team there is Iker Lecuona (19 years). Apparently their young age influences in terms of racing style, they are more aggressive According to Rossi, young drivers are now ‘reckless’ but make the race interesting!

Valentino Rossi is a racer who has eaten a lot of acid in his salt race. The Italian racer is certainly no stranger to events or incidents of severe crashes on the track. But lately Rossi has been more critical with some young driver maneuvers on the track. With today’s large motor power, a person can experience an accident with bad conditions.

During the Malaysian GP, ​​Rossi fought with Andrea Dovizioso for third place. The impression he got was: His fight with Dovi was ‘mutual respect’: “I like to fight against Dovizioso, giving me more excitement when I can defeat him. He and I are rather similar, in the sense that we try to do our best, but we do it quite rightly . “

Valentino is aggressive but not over

Instead Dovizioso praised Valentino: “Valentino never gives up, he is aggressive but he is not overdoing it. He doesn’t do stupid things. Also because there is a risk that Rins will overtake us (if they both make mistakes). It was a good fight, but I was able to defend myself. I use a softer engine mapping to avoid tire wear “.. said Dovi …

‘Inconsiderate’ But Makes Race Interesting!

Both Valentino and Dovi are indeed trying to attack into the front row. But trying without disturbing other racers … Rossi without straightforwardly also questioned the style and aggressiveness of the new generation of drivers today. As reported by motorsport media, Vale said: “Maybe we are too good, also because we are accustomed to moving forward without disturbing the other. Young racers are more aggressive now and maybe they are bothering others, even better (exciting). “

In the Sepang Rossi race experienced aggressive battles with young drivers two or three times, but it always happened to him. Although impressed ‘reckless’ but according to Rossi the style of a super aggressive young racer is better … makes it interesting. Maybe Rossi and Dovi’s style is somewhat aggressive but still ‘polite’ next time ..? .. Excuse me

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