Rumors of Lorenzo Returning to Ducati, Marquez Opens Voice

Marc Marquez open the sound related to rumors circulating in the second half of this season, Lorenzo is rumored to be returning to Ducati at least after this season ends. Because the performance of Lorenzo along with Repsol Honda is somewhat far from expectations.

The Baby Alien, as his team mate, said that Jorge Lorenzo had to restore his ego and ambition with Honda if he wanted to return to top performance. Moreover, Lorenzo is not just any racer.

The 32-year-old rider has won three MotoGP titles along with Yamaha, and now he is a Honda RC213V racer who is a motorcycle with consistent performance this season. Lorenzo has been running all season, only managed to score 19 points.

“I know that Jorge still has another one-year contract with Honda. A Jorge is still Jorge, and what he says ‘he is not (only) a great racer, but also a champion’ he is indeed a champion who is currently riding a motorcycle champion and he must prove his potential to return to the top with Honda, “Marquez said quoted from the autosport page .

“I think it is ego and ambition that can bring him to the top again. If it’s not like that, his dream won’t come true. When you enter into a big project with HRD, you are required to have big ambitions to win many races and become one of the competitors in the race for the world title, “he added.

Andrea Dovizioso In line with Marc Marquez

Former colleague Jorge Lorenzo at Ducati, Andrea Dovizioso was a little concerned about X-Fuera’s performance in the season with Repsol Honda. The reason is like not a normal Lorenzo.

The second position of the standings also agreed with what was said by Marquez, only ego and ambition could return Lorenzo’s position to its top performance. But further Dovi does not want to bother about this rumor, the focus is only to defeat Marquez this season.

“I don’t know about Jorge’s current situation, so I have no right to make an assessment of it. He is still under contract with Honda for one year and this is a rumor that is beyond reason, “said Andrea Dovizioso.

“But I don’t want to interfere in this matter. I still have a contract here and I will focus on this season. I do not want to respond to the issue of his return (Lorenzo) to Ducati next season. We are currently focused on continuing to improve performance against Marc Marquez, “he continued.

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