Runner-up subscription Does Dovizioso have to be as Aggressive as Marquez?

In a few days Marc Marquez will seal his 6th MotoGP world title. Like the match Marc is now in the position of “match point”. Andrea Dovizioso is 98 points behind the Spaniard before the final five races of the season. The failure was not only due to his performance, but due to lack of luck involved in crashes in Barcelona and Silverstone. But he also benefited from the fall of Marquez in Austin. Runner-up subscription Is Dovizioso Kudu as aggressive as Marquez? 

Dovi is often seen as a racer who isn’t aggressive enough, but he denies it. “Most viewers don’t understand this, my racing style is subtle and shows no aggressiveness. Every racer has a different style of racing and does things in a different way, it doesn’t mean not giving a 100 percent appearance.

Not always have to take risks

The racer from Forlimpopoli, Italy added, if a racer does not have the speed of fighting in front, then that does not mean that aggressiveness can affect the outcome. But the matter of aggressiveness Dovi can also try something ‘crazy’ and succeed, when the maneuver overtakes Marquez at the last corner of Red Bull Ring Spielberg, Austria.

When asked should Dovi take more risks? Dovi said that it was possible to do something, but at certain times. Taking more risk will not make the racer go faster or win the World Title. According to him drivers must take risks at the right times, but to do something ‘crazy’ is rarely successful. Therefore, racers cannot commit to get results this way. And also because taking risks is about a brief moment in certain maneuvers. Drivers cannot take more risks for the whole race. “People have a somewhat distorted perception of that,” Dovi was quoted as saying by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

It doesn’t have to be aggressive

When comparing his racing style with Marquez Dovi said, “Like in Austria, there are two different racing styles, as far as racers and motorbikes are concerned. Drivers don’t need to do things like Marc to do anything extraordinary. Maybe overtaking maneuvers will change our perception, “said the Italian racer. One interesting thing was expressed by Dovi about his duels with Marc. Marc knew that in a duel, it was difficult to defeat Dovi, because the Italian rider was not aggressive, but sought solutions in a different way. Aggressive is not a way to win

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