Smith Delighted Back in Aprilia, 2020 Targets a Racer Seat

Bradley Smith feels happy to be in Aprilia, this is a rare moment for him after being thrown out of MotoGP. Even though it was only a test rider, Smith admitted that he was still happy.

This season has a dual task, helping accelerate the development of RS-GP and also as one of the MotoE racers. Smith hopes his performance this season can skyrocket, thus opening up the opportunity to become a racer for one MotoGP team for a full season.

“My contract is two years here (Aprilia). I am happy to get five wildcard rations and a test rider, one of the best ways to survive. I hope everyone is satisfied with my work. If later there is an opportunity to become a full season driver in 2020, I will not refuse, “said Bradley Smith as quoted from the page .

Asked to Help RS-GP Developer

So far, Smith’s wildcard appearance has not been satisfactory, only able to finish in 17th position, and even then the best.┬áBut indeed Smith’s priority this season is none other than to make the RS-GP far more prepared to navigate the competitive MotoGP season.

Talking about the opportunity for his team to release the latest version of the RS-GP in the upcoming Brno test, according to him it is impossible, but it does not rule out the RS-GP will also experience some changes in the test before the second half begins.

“My main goal is to help the development of Aprilia motorcycles so that we have the same opportunities as other manufacturers that have prepared motorbikes in various versions. All manufacturers have begun to prepare motorcycles for next season since August, “Smith said.

“I have a duty to find out what drivers need and prepare everything for next season, different from Aprilia in previous years. My task is certainly not easy, helping the development of RS-GP, “he continued.

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