This KTM racer is shocked, with the New Frame Speeding to match the Honda Marquez!

Pol Espargaro is testing KTM’s new revolutionary chassis. Indeed, if you trace the Austrian team’s racing DNA, their latest chassis design is quite radical. The Spaniard ended the second day on eighth. He is right behind Marquez. Mentored by V4 engine expert racer Dani Pedrosa, the possibility of KTM will be good going forward … This KTM racer is shocked, with a new frame, the speed is equal to Honda Marquez!

Espargaro claimed to be surprised when he was able to match Marc Marquez’s best time. The Spaniard crashed with a new chassis on the second day, but then he switched to the latest chassis again and he was quickly able to go second in even just three rounds. Only a difference of 0.021 seconds from Marquez. .

Equal Marquez Time

Espargaro finally set his fastest time in eighth when the test ended, after he did not improve his time record again. Once again he said that it was a surprise because it equaled Marquez’s time so sooner than expected.

“This morning I started with the same chassis as yesterday which was orange. Then I fell in the morning because of my mistake. “We had some problems with the motorbike, but at that time I made a mistake at the corner where Brad Binder also fell,” Espargaro said.

Pol Espargaro finally uses the latest chassis because he doesn’t have a spare motorbike anymore, with a hard type compound tire on the back, just to regain the feeling and a surprising thing happened by doing a lap time of 30.6 seconds on the third lap.

“I was surprised, surprised because we were fast and in second place, the same time as Marquez. After one fall with a new racing suit so I am not so comfortable on a motorcycle, but everything has become very easy. “

Espargaro also repeatedly expressed a sense of comfort with his new chassis … Could have an excellent rhythm, with 1 minute 31 seconds faster many times in sessions with tires that have been used. It’s a big difference from the Sunday race. That means the new KTM chassis is really working well. The positive points of the radical new chassis KTM according to Espargaro are: Better when used for cornering, better traction, and more stable better than the old frame ..

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