Valentino Rossi Comment on the Honda Marquez which runs out of gasoline!

Valentino Rossi is still unable to ‘lift his head’ a sign of pride this season. Despite the changes in his Yamaha M1 motorbike, he was unable to achieve anything in the final series and even ended up in the Japan Twin Ring Motegi circuit. Although the Italian driver has been trying since Friday to put his M1 as far as possible in the front row. He only managed to qualify in tenth position in the qualifying round … Valentino Rossi commented on Honda Marquez, who was out of gas!

About the results of the Japanese race Rossi commented. “I didn’t start the race well, the fight was hard in the back row, we were like in the woods. With KTM motorcycles, we touched each other and I lost a little time. I tried to recover it, my steps were not too bad, but I had difficulty getting back in front, because on the straight track we were not fast. With Petrucci we have a bit of a fight. Then I started having problems with tires and at Turn 1 I made a small mistake and I fell ”.

In addition, Valentino Rossi also commented with a little style of humor. He talked about Marc Marquez’s motorcycle running out of gas right after completing the race, and had to go back on foot. Laughing, Rossi quoted Enzo Ferrari as saying that “the perfect race car is the one that stops right after the finish line, because that means everything is at its limit.” Despite the incident, the Italian rider believes that Honda made good calculations.

The only positive thing that makes Rossi happy at the Japanese GP is the podium of his brother Luca Marini in Moto2. The greatest joy of Valentino Rossi from the Twin Ring Motegi circuit, he not only praised Luca for his latest victory, but also motivated his sister to continue like this. “Today is his best win, winning two races in a row cannot be done by everyone. Bravo Maro, you must continue like this until the end “. close The Doctor …

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