Valentino Rossi Not So Yamaha’s Future, Age Factor?

The shocking news came from the Yamaha MotoGP which mentioned that Valentino Rossi was no longer part of the front of the manufacturer bearing the tuning fork logo in MotoGP. Not without reason, considering the age of The Doctor is no longer young.

Although Rossi is still under contract with Yamaha until the end of 2020, VR46’s performance in the last two seasons is really far from Yamaha’s public expectations.

Drivers aged 40 years recorded only scored eight points in the last four races, after three failed successive finishes, making him have to get out of the top five position of the standings.

Yamaha will begin to focus on finding a replacement for Rossi, reportedly Fabio Quartararo is an option. The performance of the super rookie so far has indeed been impressive, claiming it has claimed three times pole position plus a collection of two podiums.

“Since the 2010 season, Valentino Rossi has presented four championship titles, namely 2004, 2005, 2008 and 2009 – when he finally decided to move to Ducati and leave us, having a big impact. It’s the same with (Marc) Marquez if now leaving Honda, “said Lin Jarvis about Rossi quoted from the page .

“At the moment he is at a different stage, a different stage in his career, without diminishing his respect (Rossi) is certainly no longer a part of Yamaha’s future in MotoGP. He can still stay here for another year, two or three years – but we also have to look at the competitive level. Now this relationship is different, different dependence on it, “he continued.

Lin Jarvis Ask Rossi Not to Force Yourself

Jarvis believes Yamaha will not be one-sided in determining when Valentino Rossi retires, but both parties will determine each other. Yamaha will look at the competitive side of the driver, while Rossi is asked to give a signal as he begins nearing the end of his career.

“I am sure this will be the decision of both parties. Surely he (Rossi) was the first person to decide when he was no longer competitive, or when his motivation began to diminish. “I think the first signs will definitely emerge from it,” Jarvis said.

“But it’s clear to me, I don’t want any conflict between the two sides at all. I think, we will arrive at the same thought at the same time, just waiting for the time, “he concluded.

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