Vinales Not Sure of World Champion with Yamaha M1 2020 Now, How about Ducati?

Maverick Vinales was the first driver to be interviewed by the media on Wednesday in the Valencia MotoGP test. The Yamaha rider talked about the potential of the Yamaha M1 2020 .. The Spaniard started the test pretty well. “I’m really happy because at least the engine is very similar and that’s enough.” Vinales Not Sure of World Champion with Yamaha M1 2020 Now, How about Ducati?

Yamaha’s Top Speed ​​Increases by 5 km / hour

However, the Spaniard did not want to conclude quickly and had explained that at this point “Yamaha has plenty of room for potential and improvement”. Yamaha’s top speed rose 4 to 5 km per hour, as a first step it was a pretty good increase, but not enough. The fact is that other teams have also improved and are now even slower by 7 km per hour.

Still Far from Honda and Ducati

Vinales said Yamaha was still far from its competitors: “We are still far from Honda and Ducati, they must bring something else, after all sending power is still the same, smooth, that’s the most important.” Vinales felt comfortable, calm seeing that the character of the new M1 engine similar to the 2019 motorbike.

Continuing the talk about the engine, Maverick believes that, in terms of top speed, Yamaha is still less than 7 km / hour to match Honda. In Tuesday’s test, for example, the fastest Honda was Marc Marquez with 325.8 km compared to 321.3 km / hour owned by Maverick Vinales.

Yamaha Focuses on the Machine

Turning to the electronics section, which is the area where Yamaha suffered the longest, Vinales commented that, at the moment the team is not focused on electronics because we have to fix the engine. Because the machine if it is sealed can no longer be modified. They must gather as much information. At Sepang in the Malaysian test session Yamaha will bring a lot of new electronics and chassis. Now Yamaha is focusing on the engine …

The Jerez test is the last time the Yamaha team collects information about the 2020 engine. And the team will work to complete it during the winter.

Potential World Champion with Yamaha?

Finally, Vinales answers the question whether this Yamaha M1 2020, like now, will be able to fight for a world title next season. Vinales saw it very difficult, and believed that to win the race could have been, but for the title was something else. There is still a lot that needs to be improved by the team and has to work hard.

Vinales Not Sure of World Champion with Yamaha M1 2020 Now, How about Ducati?

As we know Ducati is the runner-up in 2019, it is certain to polish the performance not as complicated as Yamaha. With that statement maybe Vinales would not be too heavy if in 2021 he was proposed to Ducati which seemed more promising. But no one ever knew. If 2021 Yamaha has also risen its level … Because the first indication of the third version of Yamaha M1 2020 has improved …

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