Wayne Rainey: Rossi Can Still Win the Race

The 2020 MotoGP race season will be a farewell show for Valentino Rossi. Rossi’s contract with Yamaha ended at the end of the season. From a sporting point of view, the 9-time world champion had difficulty last season to compensate for his much younger opponents. Can Valentino Rossi still win the MotoGP race at age 41? … Wayne Rainey: Rossi Can Still Win the Race

In an interview with the media, Wayne Rainey said that Valentino Rossi was still able to win. “Rossi can still win the race,” MotoGP legend Wayne Rainey said. According to him Rossi is always ready to race on Sunday. He does not have to be the fastest every time a test session, free practice or qualification. “Preparation is entirely focused on the race,” Rainey said.

According to Rainey, the Italian has been racing for so long and knows that only Sundays count. Rossi still has what it takes to win the race. Will he be able to become world champion again? … This is a difficult task because there are many young drivers who are very hungry for victory, said Rainey.

A similar sentiment was expressed by Alex Hofmann, a ServusTV expert, that Rossi could once again be at the top: “Theoretically, this is possible. I will not rule out that he will succeed again on a very special day. I think Rossi deserves another win and that might also come. “

Regarding the 2020 race, these experts (Rainey and Hofmann) hope the competition will be more interesting, given Marquez’s dominance in the past few years. “I hope that the competition will find steps and Honda will be somewhere,” said Alex Hofmann.

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