White Smoke Comes from Swingarm RC213V Marquez, Nitrogen Gas or Dust?

Still about Malaysian MotoGP, where the “observant eyes” of a writer named Simon Hargreaves examines the moment of the fall of Marc Marquez’s RC213V. The position of the fallen rider does look fantastic, but what’s interesting is the release of a kind of gas that seems to come out of Swingarm. Whether the allegations were true or not the origin of the ‘gas’ earlier. But some kind of question arises whether it is nitrogen gas or other sparks caused by falling … White Smoke Comes from Swingarm RC213V Marquez, Nitrogen Gas or Dust?

The fact then the video becomes an interesting discussion. Where do we know (if it’s a kind of gas) swing arm is a solid object. So there is a suspicion that the part is filled with gas …?

Magic Smoke

But there is another opinion that it is ‘Magic smoke’. Caustic smoke generated by excessive electrical voltage due to electronic circuits or components, which causes overheating and accompanies the release of smoke. Magic smoke arising from the friction of the motor parts due to a fall that is trapped in it, and when the smoke escapes he gushes out … (this is still a theory)

From the Axle

Another opinion is that the ‘gas’ is coming out of the rear axle (not the swing arm). Axles that may have holes. Then get dust on the asphalt and crush like shot out from the side of the upper axle (left) …

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