Why is Rossi behind his tires faster than other Yamaha riders? Racing style?

Valentino Rossi’s ability to change his racing style with respect to MotoGP technology is constantly changing. Why is Rossi running out of his rear tires faster than other Yamaha riders? It all started with the development of tires, electronics and technology. This ability to metamorphose has made it able to compete in the top 10 even in 400 racing appearances. Why is Rossi behind his tires faster than other Yamaha riders? Racing style?

In the Malaysian series Rossi continued to look for answers, looking for new ideas after having problems with rear tire life for most of the season. While among Yamaha riders the most wasteful of rear tires .. And now a little starting to find the answer ..

Change Race Style

Rossi is like experimenting with various racing styles and in training sessions he tries to reduce back tire pressure less. “It seems like the racing style of the top racers has been slightly modified. This is because new motorcycles, new electronics and different tires need to be driven in other ways to find the limit, “Rossi said in Sepang on Friday.

But certainly Rossi said he had to try to go fast without putting too much ‘more pressure’ on the rear tire. This is also a greater target for everyone.

“Too much braking, trying to brake in another way. It seems like in the last period many racers worked from this point of view. I’ve tried a different front brake (Thumb brake). Today it looks like Marquez is trying to rear brake the ‘scooter’ model on the handlebar.

Different from other Yamaha racers

Seeing Rossi’s comments above a reporter asked: In that case, does Rossi think he presses the rear tire more, compared to other Yamaha racers when braking or accelerating?

“Good question. In general, according to his team the pressure on the tire is needed during acceleration and less pressure on the tire when entering a bend. But still in the current acceleration the drivers must be refined, this style of racing when compared to 2-3 years ago is very different now. “

But the team didn’t see in the data why Rossi pressed the back tire more than any other Yamaha racer. So they need to find a way, also with several different jobs on the motorbike.

Rossi set the third fastest lap time on Friday afternoon in Malaysia and claimed fifth place combined time (FP1 + FP2). Rossi has been fast since the start of the FP1 session and is optimistic about speed during the race, although he is still worried after all the difficulties of the season.

But Rossi now has to find ways to improve even more, especially with rear tires. the team and Rossi are always very worried about rear tire degradation because The Doctor always suffers too much … Rossi is fast only on Fridays, also on other tracks he is strong on Fridays, so Rossi cannot say his speed has improved at this time during the race .. We see Sunday alone.

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