Yamaha Defends Fabio Quartararo, Bright Future?

Yamaha will try to maintain Fabio Quartararo, El Diablo is believed to have a bright future. The first half of MotoGP 2019, Quartararo’s appearance promises even the rookie has felt the beauty of the podium.

The 20-year-old rider has even scored three pole positions. The world champion survived, Marc Marquez did not hesitate to call that Quartararo became the biggest threat in the second half later.

Lin Jarvis said further that the figure of Quartararo could be a stimulation for Yamaha manufacturer duo, Valentino Rossi – Maverick Vinales, although still lacking experience.

“He really has no fear when on a motorbike, and like without risk because he has fallen twice this season, it is truly extraordinary when you think about it. Marquez is a racer who shows character like this, often falls or almost falls. But Fabio can appear fast without making a lot of mistakes, “said Lin Jarvis quoted from the pages of .

“He has an exciting future – hopefully with Yamaha, we try to do our best to maintain his position – also for our other drivers to have a benchmark. He can be stimulation. Usually with a rookie instead. When Rossi and Vinales had difficulties, what Fabio did could be a benchmark – because he used a similar motorbike, “he continued.

Lin Jarvis Objective Problem Fabio Quartararo

So far Fabio Quartararo has become a figure who stole the attention in MotoGP 2019, labeled rookie, but the French driver has been able to get on the podium. Its potential is fairly extraordinary, even though it’s still young.

But this Yamaha boss tried objectively not to be in a hurry, because there were still many considerations. Most importantly Yamaha must continue to maintain its position to survive in the manufacturer with this tuning fork logo.

“So far I think he is an attractive figure, young drivers who have great potential and can do great things, but we must not forget ourselves, because he hasn’t won the race so far,” Jarvis said.

“So we also have to be objective. I think sometimes extraordinary talent comes by itself. But there is also a comfort factor with a motor without pressure and everything works. From my glasses Fabio can be like this because of the two factors, “he added.

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