Yamaha M1 2020, Fiercer in the 5th and 6th Gear than the Old Version

The main focus for Yamaha at this time is the engine sector. Yamaha YZR-M1 is equipped with a 6 speed gearbox, with a ‘cassette-type’ gearbox. Casette gearbox is a gearbox that is not a permanent part of the engine block. This allows the racing team to change gear ratios without bringing down the engine completely, the MotoGP team can change the gear box in 15 minutes …! Talk about the performance of the M1 2020 engine, the motor is faster in the fifth and sixth gear than the old version .. Yamaha M1 2020, more ferocious in the 5th and 6th gear than the old version!

There are some comments that mention Yamaha or Suzuki with the inline-4 engine will definitely lose power with the Honda and Ducati V-4 engines. In fact, Yamaha can actually make a motor as fast as the Desmosedici. Suzuki can make a motor as fast as Honda … But in MotoGP power racing is not everything, even as the main capital …

Making a Fast Motorcycle is “Easy”

The risk of chasing more power will sacrifice an engine that becomes less friendly with racers. And we certainly understand the philosophy of Yamaha right? Making machines faster, that’s not too difficult. What’s difficult is to have big power but with ‘power delivery’ or good power delivery. This Yamaha philosophy is proven to be effective … many rookies or beginners are anchored in the direct fork of the fork team …

Back to the Yamaha engine. At Jerez the official team and its satellites are trying out the latest M1 2020 engine. Although the exact specs are unclear, is it exactly the same between Petronas and the manufacturer’s team. But what is clear is that the satellite team is using the new engine. This is confirmed by the statement of Italian racer Franco Morbidelli.

Fast and fierce in the 5th and 6th Teeth

Proven indeed the latest M1 response is more aggressive, said Franco Morbidelli. “That’s good, I’m trying new specs and I have a new feeling. It seems a little faster, it seems a bit more ferocious in the fifth and sixth teeth. This is what we want and this is positive, now we have to analyze what’s better and what’s worse. “

Difficult to measure Top Speed

Valencia and Jerez tracks with their characters are very difficult to judge and are not perfect for understanding top speed motorbikes. But Yamaha racers already feel ‘something’ .. Facts on the fastest Maverick track on a Yamaha motorbike are only able to achieve a top speed of 285 kph in Jerez, compared with Petrucci who shot up to 291 kph … (in the official Valencia test the top Speed ​​Vinales 321 km per hour, while Miller is able to penetrate 328.9 km per hour) ..

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