Back Healthy, Gordon Hayward Increases Confidence

Gordon Hayward has gradually recovered since suffering a foot injury. He even appeared in 2018-2019, although he could not return to the original game. Hayward also tried to keep his body at the break of this season to be ready to carry out the new season better.

During the league break, Hayward looked healthy again. He can practice repeatedly without feeling anxious. His training was no longer restricted like last season. That makes him more confident.

“Repetition gives me confidence,” Hayward said per . “So that I can do things over and over again without worrying about my ankles, or having to be careful with that. This is very good, especially for my confidence. “

Last season, Hayward did not do that so he could not appear with the original game. He only hoped without knowing what would happen in the future. Though repetition is actually important so that he is familiar with his body after the injury.

While Hayward tried to protect his body, his colleagues also had their respective activities. Four Celtics players are United States citizens, for example, jumping into the national team to defend the country in the 2019 World Cup. Some of the ruki, on the other hand, are preparing for their inaugural season in the NBA.

As a veteran, Hayward was pleased with the presence of the ruki. He was impressed with the performance of the first-year players. They are able to practice well together.

At present, the Celtics have at least five bowls. They are Romeo Langford, Grant Williams, Carsen Edwards, Tremont Waters, and Tacko Fall. Hayward tried to lead them in addition to having to take care of himself. Especially veteran players like Kyrie Irving and Al Horford are no longer in Boston.

Besides Hayward, Celtics actually also has a Kemba Walker. The star player now still has to defend the national team. However, after his affairs with the state are finished, Walker will be able to help. Hayward just needs to be patient for a while. He must work alone first until the national team players return. (put)

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