Celtics Recruit Ex WNBA Allison Feaster as Director of Players Development

The NBA is increasingly opening up opportunities for career women in world-famous leagues. The Boston Celtics, for example, recruited former WNBA Allison Feaster as director of player development. They trust him to take care of the players to be even greater.

Feaster’s arrival in Boston was history for him.¬†After a career as a WNBA player, now he is able to stick himself in the NBA.¬†Feaster is the second woman to finally enter Celtics management in 2019.

Previously, General Manager Danny Ainge had recruited Kara Lawson. He recruited the woman to accompany Head Coach Brad Stevens. Lawson will start to be an assistant coach of the Celtics in the 2019-2020 season.

“Brad and I have talked a lot about this. (Assistant Manager) Mike (Zarren) and I have also talked about this, “said Ainge per the Boston Globe . “I believe women bring a different perspective on various matters.”

Feaster was a famous player in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He began his career with the Los Angeles Sparks, but only developed into a star when defending Charlotte Sting. Lawson scored 11 points per match in his first four seasons. Then, led Sting to win the Eastern Conference Finals in 2004.

When Sting broke up at the end of 2006, Feaster was forced to withdraw from the competition. He only returned to the WNBA in 2008. At that time, Feaster joined Indiana Fever.

After retiring, the woman born in Chester, South Carolina, United States, February 11, 1976 joined the Basketball Operations Associate Program NBA idea. There he learned the core operational competencies of basketball. Feaster has the experience and knowledge to help the Celtics run their team.

Lately, the Celtics have always pursued the opportunity to become champions. Next season, they will do it again. Feaster is an additional energy and mind to achieve that. (put)

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