Cory Joseph Continues to Join the 2019 World Cup

Cory Joseph reportedly resigned from the Canadian national team ahead of the 2019 World Cup. However, Australian commentator John Casey, said that was not true. He got word from Canada’s Head Coach Nick Nurse that Joseph continued to fly to China to appear at the world championship on 31 August 2019.

Nurse himself contacted Joseph. He made sure the foster children would join the country’s defense. Moreover, Joseph also had followed the training camp. He even appeared when Canada faced Nigeria in an exhibition match.   

Nevertheless, Josep did not fly to Australia with his team-mates. He has personal business so he can’t fly there to perform in other exhibition matches. However, the player will overtake his team-mates before the world championship begins.

Joseph himself was quite busy this summer. He had to leave his old team, Indiana Pacers, to move closer to Sacramento. Because, Kings recruited him with a three-year contract. That means, he also must prepare himself with a new environment ahead of 2019-2020.

Even so, Joseph did not have the heart to leave Canada like the others. He will defend the national team before returning to the club to prepare. Even though it will make him more busy.

Canada has lost many players at this year’s World Cup. Some of the players resigned for various reasons. Jamal Murray and Kelly Olynyk, for example, resigned because of injuries.

Meanwhile, other NBA players like Tristan Thompson, Trey Lyles, and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander cannot defend the country because they want to prepare themselves for the new season. Ruki RJ Barrett is also recovering while preparing for her first season in the NBA. Khem Birch, the Orlando Magic flashlight, will remain so that Canada now has two NBA players in its roster.

Canada will face three countries that are members of group H. They are Australia, Senegal and Lithuania. If they succeed in becoming the top two in the group, Canada will play against the team from Group G in the next round. (put)

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