Documentary Film Action Racism Former Clippers Owners Ready to Show

The launch of the documentary seemed to be a new trend in the world of basketball, especially the NBA. The great impact of the success of “The Last Dance” seems to provoke other parties to produce and launch their respective documentaries. The story of Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant is only a matter of discourse, the healing process of Klay Thompson’s injury has aired, now comes another one.

One online watch service, Quibi , just wrote a documentary from the Los Angeles Clippers team. The core discussion of this film occurred in 2014, when the owner of the Clippers at the time, Donald Sterling, was proven to make some racist comments. Actually, Donald’s words are personal words between himself and his girlfriend, V. Stiviano. However, it seems that Stiviano recorded their conversation and spread it to the public.

Even so, Donald himself is already known as a very racist figure, especially against African-American and Latin descent. Before the case with Stiviano, Donald had been charged twice with racist conduct after refusing to rent out his apartment to people of both bloodlines. The Lakers legend and former Clippers executive, Elgin Baylor, also sued Donald for the same case. However, the evidence is not strong enough and the case just ended.

After the recording with Stiviano spread, the NBA took quick steps. The NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, gave a life ban in the NBA for life and a fine of US $ 2.5 million. This case also eventually forced Donald to sell the Clippers to Steve Ballmer for US $ 2 billion.

In this film, in addition to reviews of cases and some important recordings, there will also be comments from several important figures at the time. Adam Silver there gave his views on handling the case. Then the row of Clippers players at that time, Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, JJ Redick, Matt Barnes, to the Head Coach, Doc Rivers, also spoke up. They will tell their experience playing in the middle of an organization that gets racist title.

The film is planned to air on May 18, 2020, local time. The title pinned to the film itself is ” Blackballed .” There is no more detailed information about this film. However, in the pieces of the film, there will be a new episode written every day. 

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