Dwyane Wade Appears as a Regular Analyst in the NBA on TNT This Season

Retired Miami Heat Dwyane Wade will not be far from the league that raised his name. He did retire in April 2019 after 16 playing seasons. However, the NBA invited him back to dwell in the world of basketball as a match analyst in the ” NBA on TNT ” program managed by WarnerMedia.

He did not appear alone. The former Miami Heat player sponsored by Li-Ning will be side by side with his former compatriot Shaquille O’Neal, WNBA stars Candace Parker, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith. Wade is scheduled to air every Tuesday night. His experience on the wooden field with various achievements inscribed into a portfolio that is enough to convince the television to sign him.

After retiring, Wade realized that the entertainment industry was seen as a decent wet land to be occupied. Therefore, he and colleagues founded a media agency called 59th & Prairie Entertainment. From this Wade tried to develop his talent to appear in front of the camera. His agency successfully brought him another job besides being with WarnerMedia. Through the collaboration his agency built with Turner Sports, he will appear as an analyst for the NCAA Final Four and guide the project built by Bleacher Report .

“I respect the long-term agreement established by the TNT team . They have a commitment to build a quality sports entertainment industry, “Wade said in a press release. “After 16 seasons in the NBA, he continued, I want to continue to be connected with the fans as a new figure and want to spread the love of basketball in a different way.

Jeff Zucker, WarnerMedia News & Sports official, glorified Wade’s capabilities in the field he was about to play. “Dwyane (Wade) is a special figure. He has the ability to attract the attention of the general public through the charisma that is built on and off the field. We are very happy he joined the WarnerMedia team to present the best program,” he told  USA Today . 

His talent in the entertainment world was predicted earlier this year. An article published in The New York Post on April 23, 2019 mentions that Gabrielle Union’s husband could be a television star of the future. His charisma is staying digadang will easily invite the audience. That opinion is based on his track record during playing. His name often gets a lot of votes during the voting process for the NBA All-Star Game. Naturally, if he has performed 13 times there. His match sales also showed good numbers.

Dwyane Wade’s popularity also brings blessings in terms of endorsement, although no longer playing. Wade has agreed to undergo a lifetime contract with Chinese sportsman Li-Ning. Shoes in particular are rumored to continue to be produced. He also earned millions of US dollars in revenue from Gatorade energy drinks advertisements and Hublot watches. (ajb)

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