Easy adaptation of Lonzo Ball with Pelicans

Lonzo Ball finally left California. He no longer defends any basketball team in the state. Ball will defend Pelicans based in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

Ball’s transition from the previous city to New Orleans certainly requires adaptation. Moreover, it was his first experience. However, Ball claimed not to encounter difficulties. He is able to adapt to the team and the new city.

“It’s very easy,” Ball said of the transition period ahead of the 2019-2020 NBA, per Jim Eichenhofer, Pelicans reporter. “The coaches are great, my teammates are cool and people in the city, they love us. So, I’m here trying to do my part. “

Ball has never played for a basketball team outside of California. He always defends the basketball team from the state. Ball, for example, entered Chino Hills to play the championship at the high school level. He then continued his studies and lectures at the University of California, Los Angeles to play at the NCAA.

Ball was later chosen by the Los Angeles Lakers via the 2017 NBA Draft. Since then, he has been dressed in purple and yellow. LaVar Ball, the father, believes his child will last a long time there. His fans, too.

In fact, the Lakers exchanged it for Anthony Anthony in the summer of 2019. Ball was forced to move to a new city. He is now in New Orleans to defend Pelicans. The 2019-2020 NBA will be its first year outside of California. Ball wants to prove himself that he can be better than before. Adaptation is only the first step of all that. (put)

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