Gregg Popovich Difficult to Cut Number of Players

The United States national team left for Australia to face a trial match ahead of the 2019 World Cup. They only brought 13 players because the other three resigned. De’Aaron Fox, PJ Tucker, and Marvin Bagley III left the national team due to personal matters.

With the remaining 13 players, the United States only needs to set aside one person to form the final roster. However, Head Coach Gregg Popovich admitted the difficulty of cutting the number of players. He doesn’t know who to set aside.

“When you cut people off from the regular NBA team, it’s difficult,” Popovich said per Associated Press . “We have to do that. And more than that. I was afraid to have to do that. However, it must be done. “

Currently, the United States national team is strengthened by players with different backgrounds. Some are experienced with the national team, some are not. They are Harrison Barnes, Jaylen Brown, Joe Harris, Kyle Kuzma, Brook Lopez, Khris Middleton, Donovan Mitchell, Mason Plumlee, Marcus Smart, Jayson Tatum, Myles Turner, Kemba Walker, and Derrick White.

So far, Popovich did not cut his team much. In general, the players actually left because they resigned, including Fox, Tucker, and Bagley III. During the training camp, Popovich even only had time to set aside two players, namely Thaddeus Young and Bam Adebayo.

Popovich actually promotes more players at the same time. He promoted Harris and White to the first team. Fox, who just resigned, was actually also promoted from the chosen team to the first team.

Nevertheless, the United States Chief Coach inevitably had to immediately announce their final roster. Therefore, the World Cup will take place in less than a month. Precisely on 31 August. A trial match in Australia will make everything clear. There will be one more player who was crossed out so that the United States national team completely formed his squad. (put)

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