Jeremy Lin Getting Closer to the CBA Team, Beijing Ducks

The search for a new team for Jeremy Lin seems to be nearing the end. The player who won the 2019 NBA title is reportedly getting closer to playing in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) defending the Beijing Ducks. Reported by the Southern China Morning Post , Jeremy received an offer of more than US $ 3 million for one season.

In several previous reports, Jeremy had indeed opened up the possibility to play at CBA. Several teams also continued to be associated with him even though Jeremy had also denied that nothing was official until he and his representatives made an announcement. However, this report is arguably the first report that mentions the amount of salary that will be received by him.

CBA is nothing new for this 30-year-old player. In 2011, when the NBA was postponed because it had not found a new deal for the player’s salary, Jeremy decided to play in China. At that time, he defended Dongguan Leopards. Not just playing normally, at the end of the tournament he won the MVP title.

Beijing Ducks itself is not a foreign team with former NBA players. In the period 2011-2017 Ducks used the services of Stephon Marbury. Stephon is arguably the “opening path” for NBA stars who enter the twilight to continue their careers in China. As a result, the Ducks won two titles with Stephon.

Playing in China is not entirely bad for NBA players. Some players like JR Smith, Brandon Jennings, Michael Beasley, to Emmanuel Mudiay actually managed to get a call back to the NBA in the middle or even near the end of the season. On the other hand, playing in China also increasingly adds to their prestige as a player, especially in mainland Asia. (DRMK)

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