Jeremy Lin Opens the Possibility of Playing Outside the NBA

The sad story of Jeremy Lin, who is having trouble finding a new team in the free player market, is unlikely to meet its end. It has been six weeks since the free player market opened, the player known as the Linsanity has not been linked with any NBA team. That made a lot of speculation about the possibility of playing outside the NBA even more open.

One league that is often associated with Jeremy is the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). In addition to the flowing lineage factor, the fact that CBA is also inhabited by a series of former NBA players also makes this league seen as one of the possibilities of Jeremy’s new port.

“Obviously I have thought about the possibility of playing at CBA,” Jeremy explained to the South China Morning Post . “I do not know where I will be anchored next year. Therefore, I did not have any expectations. I know my level of play and if I can’t play in a league at that level, then I can’t be calm. ”

This possibility does seem to make more sense to Jeremy because now almost all the teams have filled their player space with 12-15 players. That fact makes Jeremy’s opportunity to at least enter the training camp squad also getting smaller.

On the other hand, Jeremy actually still has a lot he can give for an NBA team, his ability to organize attacks and create his own shots is an advantage he has shown.

“The most important thing this year for me is ensuring my condition continues to be healthy. During this summer, I tried to restore my physical condition to the best condition, “he continued. Jeremy also added that he had ruled out money in determining his future. For him, he needs a team that truly utilizes his services.

“I just want to be happy, that is the most important thing in this decision this time. When you try to compete, everything will end with the NBA. However, I am now 30 years old, I want to play happily, “concluded the player who won the championship ring with the Toronto Raptors last season.

CBA itself is actually not a new league for Jeremy. In the 2011-2012 season, when the NBA experienced a recess, he had played at CBA with Dongguan Leopards. At the end of the tournament, he was even awarded the MVP title. (DRMK)

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