Josh Richardson Can’t Wait to Play for Sixers

The Philadelphia 76ers can be called one of the most aggressive teams in the 2019 free player market. Giving Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris the maximum contract, getting Al Horford, and making an exchange for Jimmy Butler is proof of their seriousness in welcoming the new season.

Along with Jimmy’s exchange, the Sixers found a replacement in Josh Richardson. Josh himself came with a classy note. The 2018-2019 season was his fourth season in the NBA which he spent with the Miami Heat. In 73 games, he packs an average of 16.6 points, 3.6 rebounds, 4.1 assists, and 1.1 steals per game.

Josh also seemed very excited about his new adventure with the Sixers. That sense of enthusiasm he showed in an interview with Yahoo Sports . He did not hesitate to express how impatient he played with one of the teams that was literally the highest in the NBA. Predictions are circulating, it is probable that the Sixers main squad will be filled by Ben Simmons, Josh, Tobias Harris, Al Horford, and Joel Embiid.

“I have never been the smallest player in a team, never at all,” he said. “I think this will be interesting. I will talk looking up to my teammates either when speaking normally or when gathering. “

In the NBA record, Josh will indeed be the shortest among his team mates. The 25-year-old has a height of 6’6 “which is equivalent to 198 centimeters. While the other four players are no shorter than 6’9 “(206 centimeters).

Despite being the shortest, Josh was ready to carry out a big task, especially in the defense. Seeing the composition, it is probable that Josh will be faced with guarding a line of opposing guard that is shorter than him.

“With my smallest posture here, I will face a row of opponent’s guard. “I don’t think I have many problems to keep those who use speed to break into key areas,” he added.

“After I saw the possibility of our players, I was really excited. I hope the game starts soon. I think, as long as we continue together and have the same goals on our minds, we will have a good season, “he concluded. (DRMK)

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