Kevin Durant Talks about Injuries and Decisions on Moving to the Nets

The success of the Toronto Raptors in conquering Golden State Warriors in six games in the 2019 NBA Finals was an extraordinary journey. Raptors showed consistent performance throughout the six games. On the other hand, many parties also think that the success of the Raptors is also helped by luck.

Luck in this case is meant a hurricane injury that struck two Warriors employees, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. The loss of the first name is said to be the biggest differentiator in this fight. The reason, players who are familiar with the KD acronym are in their best performance in the playoffs.

A little reminiscent, KD has been absent since the fifth semi-final round at the Houston Rockets. After the game, the team’s official announcement said that he only had a calf injury. Strangeness began to appear when he never played in the final round of the territory facing the Portland Trail Blazers. The process of healing a calf injury usually does not take quite a lot of time. In replays when the injury occurred, many people believe KD injuries are far worse than that.

In the process, KD finally returned to playing in the fifth game of the NBA Finals. Many people consider the Warriors to force KD to play in this final because the conditions are already very precarious (Warriors lagging (1-3)). However, he actually appeared as if he had never suffered an injury before directly scoring 11 points only in the first quarter.

Unfortunately, what many feared actually happened. In the second quarter, while doing the movement to change direction, KD suddenly fell. He could not get up and his feet could not step on the floor.

After the match, the Warriors president, Bob Myers, revealed that KD was injured by Achilles and he was the party responsible for that. While in tears, he expressed his sadness and regret over the bad events that had befallen KD.

After that incident, KD was never seen again with Warriors. Entering the 2019 free player market which began on July 1, KD did not take long to agree to join the Brooklyn Nets with other NBA stars, Kyrie Irving. This decision is arguably one of the most important decisions in the last free player market.

In the process, KD never really talked to the public behind the decision. That made many parties build opinions about the reasons for the transfer of players who won the two final MVP titles. One reason, of course, is the handling of injuries which made him miss a long time and seemed to be forced to play in the final.

However, the speculation was finally disputed in the latest 30-year-old interview with Yahoo Sportscontributor Chris Haynes. In the interview that was held at the KD residence, Chris immediately opened it with the possibility of Warrirs making a mistake in handling the injury he lived.

“No, of course not. How can people blame the Warriors for the incident, “said KD. “I have heard many people make questions that the Warriors are putting pressure on me to start playing immediately. In fact, no one ever talked about that in my healing process. I only establish communication with Rick Celebrini (Warriors health director) who continues to be with me every day. “

“When the finals began, I had set a target to return to playing in the fifth game. However, what happened in the field happened. This is a basketball game, this is the fact. Sometimes bad things just happen. There is no one who needs to be responsible for the injury I experienced. This is just a match. I think we should start to forget that because I will still return to playing later, “continued KD.

The second speculation that surfaced was the possibility of a dysfunctional relationship between KD and Draymond Green. Both of them were caught on camera involved in friction in the November 2018 range in a match. After that, many people believed that this team, especially the two players, were not harmonious enough.

“To be honest I am quite tired of talking about this (friction with Draymond), we are two grown men,” KD explained about the speculation. “We understand this, we play basketball for life, it’s all just about business. Everyone including Draymond congratulated me when I decided to move to the Nets. All wish the best for me and we can always get in touch by phone. We are fine, only now have I changed my jersey.

Not getting there, KD also explained the reason for choosing the Nets as his new team. Interestingly, he also claimed from the beginning that he was the only Nets, no other team.

“I moved to the Nets on the basis of my will, reflecting on the development of the Nets basketball organization. From the start, I had said that if I left the Warriors, then my goal would be the Nets. They have attractive management and an extraordinary view of the future. I like what they have built in this organization. “

KD is predicted to be absent throughout the 2019-2020 season due to the Achilles injury . However, he closed this interview with an optimistic but not passionate nature. He knows, all possibilities can happen and no one can guess the future. He just tried his best to follow all the healing processes and continue to get better from day to day. (DRMK)

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