Klay Thompson Suggested Two-Year Rest

In the free player market last July, the Golden State Warriors are arguably not enough to make transactions that make NBA lovers excited. Practically only D’Angelo Russell’s transactions took a lot of attention. That also happened because Russell entered in a sign and trade package with former Warriors star who moved to Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant.

On the other hand, Warriors like they already know what they need. Two stars who have been with the team since the beginning of their careers, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green get the maximum contract extension. An agreement to ensure that the Warriors’ core squad filled with Stephen Curry and the two players above will last a long time.

However, the contract extension for Thompson was not always responded well by several parties. The reason is, Thompson is in the process of healing from Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury which usually takes up to one year. The injury was obtained when he played in the sixth game of the 2019 NBA Finals.

Do not stop there, the latest news says that there is a doctor from the Mayo Clinic (a nonprofit medical organization) named Dr. It was Tim Hewett who advised Thompson to take two full years of rest. The suggestion was based on years of research he had done and the results were not only Thompson, patients with ACL injuries should indeed be absent for two full years.

“Please convey this to Klay (Thompson). This is not my opinion, some people think that this is my opinion and other opinions. “No, I’m not arguing here,” Hewett told .  

“I have done research and this is a fact. I know people will not like to hear this, but this fact will not change. “This is a very high risk thing, and if several people miss it, the player’s chances of being injured repeatedly and he will not be the same player afterwards,” he continued.

The latest Thompson contract extension lasts five years. If later Thompson is truly absent for two years, the Warriors will pay him US $ 68 million just for his recovery. However, if what Hewett revealed was true, this break would keep Thompson at his best in the remaining three years of his contract.

Re-injury is a really dangerous thing for a player. In the past decade, there have been three players who have suffered back injuries and his career has continued to decline. These three players are Josh Howard, Michael Redd, and Jabari Parker. In the past 25 years, 6 out of 67 players affected by ACL have had repeat injuries. The amount is equivalent to almost 10 percent.

“If you let the player return to the field after ACL within 12 months or so, the risk of the injury recurs is even greater,” Hewett continued. “You will continue to reduce the risk of recurring injuries every month you postpone playing again. “If you have a paid athlete of US $ 15-20 million, waiting for players to return to their physical condition I think is quite reasonable,” he concluded. (DRMK)

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