Kobe Bryant Best Teammate One (Based on Winning Statistics)

It’s been four months since the NBA legend and Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant, have died. The tragic helicopter crash in a quiet morning at the time shocked the world. Bitter more after the public learned that Kobe’s second child, Gianna, also took part in a helicopter and died.

After his departure from the world, now we can only remember Kobe old stories. One of the freshest stories to remember, of course, when he closed his 20-year trip with a record of 60 points. He became the only player who was able to record 60 points in his last fight before retiring in NBA history.

Kobe won five titles throughout his career. And like a team sport, Kobe can’t do it alone. He needs help from his team-mates to win and win the five titles. The next question is, who is Kobe’s best teammate in his career?

If you are a big fan of Kobe, then you know that his favorite teammate is Derek Fisher. Kobe repeatedly expressed this on multiple occasions. One of the most lasting impressions was in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel in the middle of healing his Achilles injury.

However, is it true that Fisher is Kobe’s best teammate statistically?

During his 20 career seasons in the NBA, Kobe was recorded playing 1,346 times in the regular season with 1,198 of whom became the main player (starter). The majority of Kobe’s time went down as reserves occurred in his first two seasons. Of the 150 games in those two seasons, he only started seven times. While the last time Kobe fell from the bench occurred in the 2003-2004 season.

Then from the 1,346 games he played, the player nicknamed Black Mamba was able to win 836 wins. The number of wins is equivalent to 62 percent of winning percentage. And the majority of Kobe’s losses also occurred after he suffered an Achilles injury or his last three seasons.

Kobe really was not wrong to call Fisher is his best teammate. In 836 wins he won, 719 of which occurred when Fisher also played. The record is the highest among Kobe’s other teammates. Interestingly, Fisher did not fully spend a career with the Lakers.

Yes, Fisher was recorded to join twice with the Lakers. First, it happened in 1996, when he entered the NBA after the Lakers chose him in the 24th NBA Draft. While the second occurred in 2007, after he left the Lakers to defend the Golden State Warriors (two seasons) and Utah Jazz (one season). Despite crossing into other teams, all Kobe titles were won with Fisher.

Behind Fisher, Kobe’s best team-mate based on winning records was Shaquille O’Neal with 412 wins. Both became frightening tandem when the Lakers won three successive titles at 2000-2003. Part of the three consecutive championship titles, Rick Fox, followed Shaq with 376 wins.

Lamar Odom, who played seven seasons at the Lakers, finished fourth with 374 wins. Then in fifth and sixth place are Robert Horry (355) and Luke Walton (351). Yes, Luke Walton is practically very fortunate to be able to play and win that many wins with Kobe.

Pau Gasol is called by many as Kobe’s best tandem after Shaq turned out to be ranked seventh with 301 wins. Similar to Odom, Pau only played seven seasons for the Lakers and presented two titles. The injury factor that often hit Pau made him not often accompany Kobe to win in the regular game. Pau has only played one full 82 games for the Lakers.

Fisher may indeed be Kobe’s favorite and best teammate (statistically). But of course Kobe’s victories didn’t only come because of Fisher’s addition. Three other players on the field and seven on the bench helped Kobe build a glorious dynasty. Now, even though his figure is gone, the dynasty will continue to last forever among world basketball lovers. Rest In Power Kobe Bean Bryant!

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