Kobe Bryant Satire Load Management Problems

Kobe Bryant is famous for his ” Mamba Mentality “. He was a hard worker who would not let himself loose for a day. Bryant to insinuate load management (workload regulation), which is currently trending.

Load management at least allows the player to take a break. They are allowed to rest to be fit throughout the season. Such tricks have become a trend since the Toronto Raptors tried to regulate the workload of Kawhi Leonard who was injured in 2018-2019.

Raptors and Leonard managed to load management . They even won the NBA championship last season because Leonard was finally able to fit in the playoffs. NBA teams then try to follow their lead. The Houston Rockets, for example, plan to do the same for James Harden and Russell Westbrook.

Even so, Bryant does not agree if a team does that. According to him, a player is obliged to stay fit every day. They also must be able to perform at any time. There is no avoidance.

“You make people pay money to watch you perform,” Bryant said per ClutchPoints . “It’s your job to stay fit. It’s your job to appear at that level every night. And as a competitor, I will not avoid it. “

Bryant himself did not like to avoid throughout his career. Despite being injured, he often tries to keep appearing. However, not everyone, especially in modern times, shares his mind. Lately the game of basketball has become more complex. The competition is also getting tougher and longer.

Therefore, rest becomes a part of the game. Load management is a reasonable way for players to be fit until the end of the season. Bryant may comment, but the teams have a vision and mission. They will move according to the times. (put)

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