Kyrie Irving Does Not Guarantee Nets Champion Next Season

The presence of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant received great attention in the summer of 2019. Because, with the move of the two stars, the NBA competition map also changed. Nets who have just risen again could become potential champions.

When the competition map changed, Irving apparently had a different view. He said, his presence could not directly guarantee the Nets to be champions. Especially considering that Durant is still injured. The 31-year-old Forwarda has to miss a season to restore his Achilles.

According to Irving, the Nets also still have to adapt to new players. They will build ties first until they can talk about the title. Irving tried to make sure everything was good before talking a lot.

“We are here to build,” Irving said as per the New York Daily News . “I do not call us the championship team at the moment. We do not think so. We are just watching each other here, watching each other, and enjoying basketball. “

Irving also came to Brooklyn to be closer to the family. He is from there. He wants to go home. Nets are like a home for him.

However, that does not mean that Irving does not want a champion. He tried to restrain himself. Irving will still try to bring the Nets to the highest podium. Although not next season, maybe next year again. When Durant was cured.

Besides Irving and Durant, Nets actually also have DeAndre Jordan, Wilson Chandler, and Garrett Temple. Not to mention old players like Spencer Dinwiddie and Joe Harris. Plus a line of young Caris LeVert, Jarrett Allen and others. Nets have hopes of pursuing the title. (put)

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