Miami Heat Tie Erik Spoelstra with a New Contract

Erik Spoelstra is not going anywhere. He will continue to handle the Heat as head coach. Because, the Miami team tied it up with a contract extension. They agreed to work together with a long duration.

According to Ira Winderman, South Florida Sentinel , the contract extension has reached four years. At present, Spoelstra still has one year left. Means, he will be on the Heat side at least until 2024.

Spoelstra himself has handled the Heat as head coach since 2008. He is the active coach of a team with the second longest term of service in the NBA. Spoelstra only lost to Gregg Popovich, who has held the San Antonio Spurs since 1996.

During his time as head coach of the Heat, Spoelstra has been through a variety of things. He holds a 523-363 win-lose record. With the number of titles twice from a total of 4 finals. He also briefly delivered the Heat to the championship podium in 2006 while still serving as assistant coach.

Before entering the NBA, Spoelstra was a basketball player and coach. He defended TuS Herten in the second division of the German Bundesliga in 1993-1995. He then moved closer to the Heat as the video coordinator. At that time, Spoelstra was under the guidance of Head Coach Pat Riley who is now president of the Heat.

After two years, Spoelstra was promoted. Riley appointed him as an assistant coach. Once Riley stepped down in 2008, automatically the position was handed over to Spoelstra. That’s when the greatness begins.

With a new contract, Heat means that there is still hope. Riley believes in Spoelstra. They don’t want to be separated quickly. Spoelstra was asked to deal with the Heat in the next four years. The 2019-2020 season will be one of the proofs. Moreover, the Heat has a new face this summer. (put)

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