NBA 2K21 tribute to Kobe Bryant, Mamba Forever Edition

NBA2K finally closed the series of announcements for the cover of their latest edition, NBA2K21. After the edition now raises Damian Lillard , the next-generation edition ( next generation ) featuring Zion Williamson , finally brings the legend to legend editions Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant. Interestingly, if the initial and previous mention of the legendary edition, specifically for Kobe, NBA2K called it the Mamba Forever Edition.

“Every athlete that we cover as a video game represents the era of the entire basketball era. Damian Lillard dominates basketball now, Zion Williamson is the standard for the next generation of NBA superstars, and what else can I tell about Kobe? They represent the whole era and I am very excited to make an announcement about this. This will be a special year for all NBA fans and NBA2K gamers, “explained Alfie Brody, vice president of NBA2K marketing in an official release.

The appearance of Kobe on the cover of the legendary edition is not at all surprising. In fact, in the NBA2K upload comment column, many fans have thanked the video game developer for hearing everyone’s request to put Kobe on the cover of this edition. In a way, this is the right form of respect for the death of Kobe in the helicopter crash in January 2020.

On the other hand, this is Kobe’s third time being the front cover of NBA2K. Kobe’s first time being a cover occurred in the NBA2K10 edition. At that time, Kobe closed the season as a champion with the Lakers. Kobe’s second appearance occurred in the NBA2K17 edition. Kobe emerged because he had just decided to retire after spending 20 seasons of his career with the Lakers.

Mamba Forever Edition can be ordered through the pre-order system with a price of US $ 99.99. Later, Mamba Forever Edition will provide access for buyers to be able to play current and next generation editions on both the PlayStation or Xbox. These things are in order to prepare for the presence of PlayStation 5 which will slide on the market.

For the official launch, the new NBA2K21 will be available for purchase on 4 September. The eternal always Kobe Bean Bryant! 

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