NBA Intentions Form League in India

The NBA holds preseason matches in India. Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers became the first North American professional team to play there in 2019. The NBA sees India as a great potential for flapping their wings.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said his side had begun seriously considering forming a league in India. Even though there are currently no NBA players from there, he hopes the league they form can be a talent distributor like other foreign leagues.

The NBA did the same thing with former United States president Barrack Obama. They worked with him to develop basketball in Africa. The NBA and Obama formed a league called Basketball Africa League. Tepis will begin in January 2020. The league involves 12 teams.

The NBA itself has increasingly flown its wings to countries outside the United States. They have held 200 matches in more than 20 countries. This year, they hold the NBA Global Games in Japan, China, Canada and India.

The famous basketball league in the world first held a match abroad in 1978. At that time, they held a match in Israel. The NBA has consistently held preseason matches overseas since then.

The NBA has just held a match in India for the first time this year. Even so, their involvement in Indian basketball culture has existed since 2011. They often promote the league by coming there or through television broadcasts. The NBA even formed the Indian NBA Academy in 2017.

With more exposure, the NBA hopes to find stars in India to encourage the country’s interest in basketball. They want to do what they once did to Yao Ming. The figure of Yao Ming helped the NBA to popularize the sport in China. (put)

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